PM360 is AGCO Parts’ preventative maintenance program. By taking a proactive, or a “fix before fail”, approach to maintenance, AGCO Parts can help to keep you in the field when it matters most. Avoid expensive and stressful repairs with our year-round program. Talk with your AGCO Parts dealer to make an appointment today.

By your participation in this program, you can reap the following benefits:

  • Receive the best warranty in the industry: AGCO customers receive a 12 month warranty on AGCO parts, and a 6 month warranty on labor when installed by a qualified AGCO dealership
  • Improved trade-in value with maintenance records
  • Ability to earn points easily by: signing up, adding equipment to your account, entering invoice information after receiving preventative maintenance work on your equipment.
  • Redeem points for a large variety of items you want or need, including AGCO Cash gift certificates
  • Special promotions and additional opportunities to earn points throughout the year
  • …and much more!

To enroll your dealership in PM360 please log into the AGCO Direct site and fill out the provided form.

AGCO Parts PM360, When Uptime is the Only Option.

Recent Tips

Ensuring Tillage Application Is Consistent


Large tillage tools should be level from side to side, and from front to back to ensure they work the soil at a consistent, even depth, without gouging or ridging. A handy way to ensure tools are level is to use a tape to measure from the top of the machine (SF1435) to the top of the wheel pivot bolt on walking tandems of the center frame and wing wheels. On models where the dimensions of the frame members vary, measure from the bottom of the frame to the wheel pivot bolt. When measurements are consistent, the tool is level.

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