PM360 helps reduce expensive and stressful repairs for your customers, and rewards them for taking a proactive approach! This year-round program is structured to provide your dealership with the tools you need to develop a preventative maintenance service plan for each of your customers.

Off­er your customers 10% OFF all Genuine AGCO Parts used in the inspection service visit, and AGCO Parts will reimburse you 5% at current Dlist pricing for those parts. All you have to do is submit, the inspection form along with the reimbursement form and the customer invoice showing a 10% discount off­ered to your customer and you will be reimbursed 5% back from AGCO. It’s a win-win with your customer getting the benefit of one of the industry's best warranties, 12 months on AGCO parts and 6 months warranty on labor when installed at your AGCO Parts qualified dealership

To enroll your dealership in PM360 please log into the AGCO Direct site and fill out the provided form.

AGCO Parts PM360, When Uptime is the Only Option.